WSÁNEĆ guidance in From Fur to Forest: restoring Forest Health by reducing deer impacts and restoring native vegetation.


Parks Canada, in partnership with private landowners, the province of BC, and WSÁNEĆ and Hul’q’umi’num’ Nations, intend to undertake an ecological restoration of forest ecosystems. The purpose of the Fur to Forest project is to facilitate the restoration and maintenance of a globally unique forest ecosystem through effective management of hyper-abundant and invasive deer. To achieve significant ecological restoration gains, The Fur to Forest project has three key objectives: the removal of invasive fallow deer, management of black-tailed deer, and forest restoration. The Fur to Forest project also has the potential to demonstrate that it is possible for private landowners, federal and provincial governments, and first nations to come together to achieve shared conservation objectives.

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Hunter Training & Mentorship Initiative

The purpose is to support involvement of the WSÁNEĆ nations in the Fur to Forest project in order to achieve shared objectives. This includes fostering the transfer of traditional and contemporary hunting knowledge, as well as coordinating hunting activities within the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve. This initiative includes facilitation of hunting trips and/or other means through which to share safe hunting practices with youth, as determined collaboratively by experienced hunters from the WSÁNEĆ nations and Parks Canada.

Successful management of deer populations within the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve will require an active Indigenous hunting community. A goal of the Fur to Forest project is to promote the sharing of knowledge from elders to the younger generation of hunters. By encouraging hunting within the park, and helping to foster the next generation of deer hunters, the Fur to Forest.