Sarah Jim

Sarah Jim is an emerging artist of mixed ancestry, and is a member of the W̱SÁNEĆ nation from the Tseycum village. She has received a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts from the University of Victoria and emulates her love of nature and native plant knowledge through her artwork.

Environmental restoration work has been her main source of inspiration since 2018 when she started working in SṈIDȻEȽ; the first W̱SÁNEĆ village site. Working on the land has resulted in deep insights of how language, culture, traditional knowledge, and art are all intimately connected to the natural realm.

Learning about the direct connection between culture and place has helped empower Sarah as a W̱SÁNEĆ person and a Coast Salish artist. Her curiosity, love, and admiration for the outdoors and native plants continues to propel her in a direction that helps heal the community, land, and herself through plant medicines, native foods, restoration work, and creating place-based artwork.

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