Call for Regional Indigenous Artists – Artcraft 2022

This call is open to artists and makers living in the southern Vancouver Island region for whom the Southern Gulf Islands are ancestral territories. We are seeking:

  • Artists for the Artcraft 2022 season
  • Showcase exhibition proposals for the 2023 season
  • An Indigenous artist/curator/art expert to be part of the Artcraft 2022 jury

Artcraft Shop + Gallery

Artcraft is BC’s longest running and largest juried exhibit of its kind, featuring works for sale by local artists and makers. It is operated by Salt Spring Arts at the historic Mahon Hall from mid-June until mid-September. During the summer months Artcraft welcomes up to 12,000 visitors and generates approximately $150,000 in revenue for regional artists.

Recognizing our role in advancing dialogue and work towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, Salt Spring Arts initiated the Artcraft Indigenous pilot project. The intention is to remove barriers to participation in Artcraft for Indigenous artists and craftspeople for whom the Gulf Islands are ancestral territory, and to build meaningful relationships with regional Indigenous artists.

We seek entries from artists working in various media in either traditional or contemporary forms. We exhibit textiles, furniture, woodwork, ceramics, jewelry, cards, photography, prints and paintings, sculpture, apothecary products and more. Participation in Artcraft is subject to a jurying process to ensure quality, presentation and craftsmanship. Our regular commission rate directs 65% of sales to artists; for the second year of this pilot we will continue to offer new, regional Indigenous artists 100% of their sales.

Artcraft Application: Open March 2 to April 15, 2022 ssartscouncil.com

For more information please contact:

Rose Spahan, Artcraft Indigenous Curator: rose_spahan@yahoo.ca

Elizabeth Nolan, Artcraft Manager: artcraft@ssartscouncil.com, 250-537-0899

Call for Juror

We seek an Indigenous artist/curator or art expert who can jury both Indigenous works and other submissions for Artcraft 2022. If interested, please contact Elizabeth before March 31

Artcraft Showcases 2023

Summer Showcases, which happen in parallel to Artcraft, are a three-to-four week opportunity for artists, curators or groups wishing to exhibit a cohesive collection in a public gallery style setting. The application form for 2023 Showcases will be available March 2 to July 31, 2022. Regional Indigenous artists and curators are encouraged to apply.

Information: ssartscouncil.com

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