Opportunity for W̱SÁNEĆ Hunters: SḰŦÁMEN QENÁȽ,ENEȻ SĆȺ Project

We are seeking individuals to help recover meat to be shared with  W̱SÁNEĆ communities as part of the SḰŦÁMEN QENÁȽ,ENEȻ SĆȺ (Taking Care of Sidney Island) project, specifically the eradication of fallow deer from SḰŦÁMEN (Sidney Island).


  • Work with Parks Canada staff to find, recover, and field dress deer carcasses
  • Harvesters will not be shooting deer.
  • Recover and prepare carcasses for butchering before the meat is distributed within the community.
  • Training will be provided Oct 12 and Oct 13 by knowledge holders and First Nations Health Authority.


  • Oct 12 and Oct 13: 2 day trips to Sidney Island for training
  • Nov 30 – Dec 10: 10 days camping overnight and working on SḰŦÁMEN (Sidney Island).  Could be split into 2 @ separate 5 day shifts.


  • Outdoor camping and working on Sidney Island in December.
  • Food, tents, cots, and sleeping bags will be provided
  • Days will be spend recovering carcasses, field dressing, peeling hides, removing antlers and hooves and hanging carcasses in a cold storage trailers.
  • Dry camp (zero alcohol) and no weapons permitted (bows or firearms)
  • WLC will provide $250 day rate compensation

Please fill out this form if you’re interested in the opportunity.

Contact Ben.Tooby@Canada.ca (Parks Canada) if you have any questions or concerns.