28 hour vigil, art installation, drumming, smudging, guest speakers
Date: Sunday, May 5th, 5:00 pm opening & welcome – ongoing until Monday, May 6th, 7 pm, closing
Location: BC Legislature
This is a FREE and PUBLIC event, everyone is welcome and at any time during the 28 hours.
This event will be LIVE on Facebook for those who wish to attend virtually.
The event will begin with an opening with the Yellow Wolf Pow Wow Drum group, followed by a light dinner. Smudging, cedar brushing, and the opportunity to decorate your own Luminary Bag, which will be placed around the venue, creating a beautiful display. Throughout the daylight hours, an art display will be worked on, allowing participants to contribute by adding a piece of red ribbon.
On Monday, there will be drumming and speakers scheduled at specific times linked to the legislature’s sessions. Continuing ongoing throughout the day, smudging and the opportunity to decorate your own Luminary Bag, which will be placed around the venue, adding to the beautiful display started the evening before. We encourage everyone to wear regalia, red, or ribbon skirts/shirts to show solidarity.
By attending this event, you will join a community-driven initiative that seeks to raise awareness about the violence faced by Indigenous women, girls and 2spirited. Your presence will send a powerful message of support, compassion, and solidarity to the families affected by these tragedies. Additionally, through educational discussions and cultural ceremonies, we hope to foster understanding and promote positive change within our society.
Please Remember: This event is open to everyone, and we kindly ask that all attendees respect the ceremony and walk in and out of the event in a good way. Additionally, we encourage you to bring a blanket or chair, a water bottle or coffee mug, and any necessary personal items for comfort during the overnight hours.