Saanich Hurricanes Showcase W̱SÁNEĆ Athleticism

The Saanich Hurricanes ladies’ soccer team – an already talented group – is getting better with every tournament.

The Saanich Hurricanes ladies’ soccer team took home the win at the Saanich Invitational Native Soccer Tournament recently held at Tsartlip.

The Saanich tournament was just one of many on the Hurricanes’ active schedule.  They also recently attended the Seabird tournament and made it to the quarter final.

The team – made up of fourteen W̱SÁNEĆ players aged thirteen to mid-forties – is seemingly unstoppable.

In the words of Coach Rhiannon, they’re a “very skilled and talented group of girls.” Rhiannon adds, “I’m seeing improvements in every tournament and every game – I’m just really happy they are building the way that they are.”

For Rhiannon, who also plays as a midfielder, coaching the team runs in the family. Before Rhiannon and her sister Amanda Williams took leadership roles, their mother Gina Underwood coached the team. At that time they were known as the Saanich Islanders.

Despite the long history of the team, this year’s roster is full of new players who have recently come up from the youth league and are experiencing ladies’ soccer for the first time. 

At ages 13 and 15, the team’s youngest players are Lucetta Wilson and Caydence Wilson. But, their age isn’t holding them back. Lucetta and Caydence are keeping stride with more experienced players like Jennea Seward and Madelyn Morris, both of whom have become top scorers for the team.

Many of the Saanich Hurricanes players balance their ladies’ soccer schedule with other sports and obligations. Jennea Seward, Madelyn Morris, and Sakora Morris, for example, all paddle in addition to soccer. At least two of the players are participating in the North American Indigenous Games this summer, and many of the girls play in the spring soccer league in Victoria.

The other talented players who contribute to the Saanich Hurricanes success include goalies Anna (Muriel) Morris and Muriel Tom, defenders Katia Olsen, Rosie George, and Aiya Bartleman, and midfielder Chloe Seaweed. The team also includes Amber Tommy and Lalverne Alfonse who are experienced players and mentors for their teammates.

W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council celebrates the success of the Saanich Hurricanes and their contribution to the W̱SÁNEĆ legacy of athleticism. 

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