A Unified Vision for the Marine Environment

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The W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council is working to establish a Marine Use Plan for the W̱SÁNEC people that will help guide us under a unified vision for the marine environment and the W̱SÁNEĆ way of life. This will be a multi-year (3 years) initiative that will identify community goals and priorities to help guide the W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council in decision making and negotiations regarding Douglas Treaty Rights, Aboriginal Rights and title ’ to hunt and fish, and appropriate strategies to assert and affirm W̱SÁNEĆ authority and presence throughout the territory.

The planning process will be broken down into phases to allow adequate time for community members to be active participants all throughout the process. We want to ensure that the plan is community based, community driven and reflects who we are as W̱SÁNEĆ people. However, to do so, we need your input on how to do this! Please fill out the survey to express your opinions.


You may have heard of a couple of terms like “consult” or “engage”, but what’s the difference? The International Association of Public Participation developed an illustration that shows the varying levels in which people are involved in participatory decision making about their communities.

The W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council aims to move beyond “consult” and instead move towards activities that are linked with processes of involvement, collaboration and empowerment. The results of this survey will help us determine how to do that. Community engagement is a two-way street of ongoing, transparent communication where concerns and ideas are heard and validated. The people involved in community engagement have a vested interest in the outcomes or results of the initiative; in other works the outcomes of this process will directly impact your lives as community members in the W̱SÁNEĆ Nations, so your knowledge, values, perspectives and experiences are reflected in the marine plan! Your participation will help build better outcomes and influence change in W̱SÁNEĆ.


The purpose of this survey is to find out more about how you prefer to participate in future community meetings and engagement sessions by asking questions about your opinions and attitudes regarding community engagement in the W̱SÁNEĆ Nation. It will help us identify strategies to make future engagement activities more inclusive, transparent and fun. Your input from this survey will be used to design an engagement strategy that is culturally relevant, aims to reduce barriers to participation and promotes an environment of mutual respect, sharing and confidentiality.


The results of the survey will be used to guide all future community engagements specific to marine planning as well as for other related gatherings in the future.
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