Cadboro Bay Takes Runny Nose to Heart

  Residents in the Cadboro Bay district have responded to suggestions that more places and streets be given Indian names in the capital region.

   They have agreed to name a new eight-acre natural park at Ten-Mile Point “Knuksen.”

  Knuksen means “runny nose” the Indian name for Ten-Mile Point.

   The word is descriptive of a running tide running around a nose-shaped point.

   Parks Administrator Bert Richmond said the main problem on using Indian names is the spelling.

   “We got the correct spelling for this name from Wilson Duff, anthropologist at the University of British Columbia,” he said. “It’s not easy spelling out Indian words into English.”

   The new park is situated on Seapoint Drive. It’s a woodland park and will be kept in its natural state.

   The use of more Indian names for places was suggested early this week by Chief Edwin Underwood of the Tsawout Band, Saanichton Bay, and David Elliot of the Tsartlip band.

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