Indians Plan Legal Fight On Goldstream

   A legal battle looms between Indian bands and the city over the proposed transfer of 700 acres of Goldstream property by the Greater Victoria Water Board to the Provincial government for park development.

   Chief Thunderbird, otherwise known as Jean Baptiste Paul, of Brentwood, who claims the land belongs to the Indians, said today legal action will be taken if the transfer plans go ahead.

   Chief Thunderbird, who achieved fame as a wrestler in the United States and Europe, said the Indian claim to the land is supported by the Tsartlip, Saanich and Malahat bands.

   “Indian title to the Goldstream properties can be proven,” said the chief.  “The white man has encroached upon the Indian’s hereditary hunting and fishing grounds at Goldstream.”

   Transfer to the provincial government is planned at current session of the legislature.

   The draft bill provides that the property will be transferred on trust, and developed and maintained as a class “A” park.

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