W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council Launches Community-Only Website Portal

The newly launched community-only portal on the WLC website offers secure access to private or sensitive materials.

The W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council (WLC) website has been upgraded to help community members stay in the loop on important developments. All while keeping sensitive information safely stored in a password-protected portal.

The “Community Only” section will require a password to access and will store important information, such as recordings of community meetings and community engagement sessions, full-length copies of community agreements, messages from leadership to community members, and other private information.

This exclusive new feature is another way the WLC exercises its mandate to provide “respectful and transparent communications” with community members while promoting the interests of the W̱SÁNEĆ community.

Signing up is easy. Simply text ACCESS, then First and Last name and W̱SÁNEĆ Band Affiliation to (778) 909-1895, A login code will arrive within 48 hours.

Once you receive your code, log in, in just 3 steps. Follow this video tutorial below:

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