W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council launches Tik Tok Channel; Monthly Contest

As part of its mandate to promote respect for W̱SÁNEĆ culture, traditional practices, and language, the WLC has recently launched its own Tik Tok channel. 


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 Shown here, an educational Tik Tok video from PEPÁḴEṈ HÁUTW̱,

“Tik Tok represents an enormous opportunity for us,” shares Gord Elliott, Director of Operations. “It’s not just a platform for dancing. It’s a powerful educational tool ” 

The video creation and sharing app saw enormous growth since COVID with over half of Gen Z using the app, followed by just over 30% of Millennials.  

Featuring short, engaging videos accompanied by music and effects, Tik Tok videos are also shared on Instagram and Facebook.

A search for Indigenous TikTok on the platform shows videos with this hashtag have an incredible 710 million views.

From Notorious Cree with over 3 million followers, to Michelle Chubb of Métis descent, to Marika Sila of Inuk heritage, to Nazko First Nation’s Lariissa Munch, to the local organization PEPÁḴEṈ HÁUTW̱, one thing these creators have in common is that their content both celebrates their culture and educates their followers.

“We want to encourage and support our W̱SÁNEĆ youth to create videos sharing our language and culture, so we’ll be sharing all videos from our community members tagged with the hashtag #wsanecproud on our account. Once a month we’ll announce a winner who will be drawn at random to receive a $100 visa gift card,” Elliott continues.  “This is one of the ways we will keep our youth engaged and also help educate non-W̱SÁNEĆ people about our culture. Education is key to breaking down barriers of understanding that are so often the cause of racism.”

To win, post a TikTok video and use the hashtag #wsanecproud. A winner will be selected each month and notified on the WLC’s account on TikTok. The $100 visa gift card can be picked up at the WLC office during business hours. 

Committed to connecting with W̱SÁNEĆ community members on the tools they use, the WLC is also on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, posts regularly to the website, and sends out a monthly newsletter. 

To watch the video submissions, be sure to follow the WLC on TikTok 

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The contest is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by TikTok.

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