Apply by October 17, 2021

The W̱SÁNEĆ MARINE GUARDIANS / QENTOL,YEN (The Marine Division of the W̱SÁNEĆ Leadership Council) is hiring a Marine Biologist.

The SRKW Marine Biologist will work under the direction of the Southern Resident Killer Whale Senior Manager.

The SRKW Marine Biologist will work on two specific areas: Habitat Monitoring and Baseline Monitoring.

1. Habitat Monitoring, including assessing the condition of habitats; working with W̱SÁNEC elders and knowledge keepers to identify values, parameters to measure, timing and frequency of data collections, and identification of acceptable indicators; and carry out data analysis to identify trends over time. This will help determine the potential effects of human activity on Southern Resident Killer Whale habitats in salmon-bearing streams, the outer areas of Goldstream, and other SRKW habitat areas.

2. Baseline Monitoring, including gathering data on how the seals, sea lions, sport and commercial fisheries on chinook runs; understanding how these competitors impact the Southern Resident Killer Whales food source. The Marine Biologist will also help identify other baseline monitoring data to collect. This role is a combination of fieldwork, compiling data and reporting, conducting stewardship outreach, and working collaboratively as a team to support projects as outlined. The successful candidate will work as a member of our W̱SÁNEĆ Marine Guardians / QENTOL,YEN, while fulfilling existing and upcoming project obligations.

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