W̱SÁNEĆ Women’s Conference Recap – April 13 & 14, 2024

In April, the WLC hosted a W̱SÁNEĆ Women’s Conference. Several facilitators helped create a sacred space for W̱SÁNEĆ women to gather, share experiences, receive teachings, and celebrate one another. It was a space for women, non-binary, trans and 2 Spirit people to explore traditional healing practices in a safe environment.

Check out our playlist of videos to hear from the facilitators of the W̱SÁNEĆ Women’s Conference about their work, including interviews with Brianna Bear, Lavina Olsen, Kati George Jim, and Joni Morris.

Stay tuned for more events and gatherings like this in the future that focus on the importance of women, non-binary and 2-spirit people gathering and celebrating traditional practices. Contact priscilla.omulo@gmail.com to stay up to date with similar events!

Meet Brianna Bear, the Art Facilitator at the Women’s Gathering

Meet Lavina Olsen, the Knitting & Spinning Facilitator at the Women’s Gathering

Meet Kati George-Jim, the Women’s Knowledge Facilitator at the Women’s Gathering

Meet Joni Morris, the Beading Facilitator at the Women’s Gathering

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