We want your feedback on the WLC’s Draft Goals for Ocean Current 1 – Community Health and wellness

Goal • What we want to achieve

  • Typically long term (10 – 25+ years)
  • Broad, strategic, intangible, abstract
  • Informs annual strategies or department workplans

Vs. Objective

  • Shorter term (0 – 10 years) each objective works towards achieving the goal
  • More specific, targeted, tangible, measurable, concrete.
  • Follows the direction of the goal (and is lost without its connection to the goal)

Vs. Action

  • Specific tasks, steps or individual project that can be completed to work towards achieving the larger goals

We’d like to ask you for your ideas to help fill in the areas where we are lacking goals/objectives/actions. You can do this by leaving comments on the documents below (these can be anonymous).

The main questions we’d like answered are:

  1. Do you have ideas for objectives, strategies or actions that we’re missing?
  2. Have we gotten it right? Do you agree with the goals/objectives/actions that are there? If not, please comment on how we can change things to reflect what you think.

To comment, click this button at the top left of the page or press Ctrl + Alt + M

Click a goal below to view & comment:

Food Sovereignty and Security

Goal 1 – Improve the health of SÁNEĆ people and the habitats of culturally important species in the SÁNEĆ territory.

Goal 2 – Reduce the prevalence of chronic health conditions of people related to changes in diets and increasing reliance upon lownutrient, highly processed foods.

Goal 3 – Traditional food sites are stewarded and restored to provide healthy and abundant food for SÁNEĆ people.

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