In preparation for the creation of a Youth Advisory Council, the WLC will be providing training and leadership sessions for W̱SÁNEĆ youth in the New Year.

These complementary courses will empower W̱SÁNEĆ youth with the skills and knowledge they will need to form and run youth advisory committee meetings.

Training will include traditional W̱SÁNEĆ leadership knowledge as well as skills training on how to discuss issues to ensure the best outcome for W̱SÁNEĆ community members.

In addition, attendees will learn how to consider different perspectives, nominate a chairperson, discuss issues constructively, formalize decisions as a group and more.

These W̱SÁNEĆ training courses will provide foundational skills for youth who want to make an effective difference in their community, as well as those interested in leadership positions in the future. 

If you’re a W̱SÁNEĆ community member under 30 and you would like to be notified when these courses are available, please add your name to the list below.

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