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ÍY SȻÁĆEL E TIÁ ÁNEȻ W̱EM,LEŚELWET TŦE NE SNÁ ĆSE AȽE SEN EṮ W̱SÁNEĆ My English name is Hannah is, and my W̱ILṈEW̱ SNÁ is W̱EM,LEŚELWET and I’m a direct descendant of the Douglas Treaty.

What do you think to hunt & fish meant to our ancestors?

I think to hunt and fish for my ancestors was a way of life. It was a way of being, and it was how we took care of our people, how we took care of the land, how we took care of everything around us.

Do you think that historical activities included management and trade?

I absolutely think that historical activities consisted of management and trade. How else would we have gotten things that weren’t accessible to us? We didn’t have money, we didn’t have material things that we have today, so it was our way to survive and also interact with other nations and other communities.

Who do you expect to be the communal/collective voice in representing your inherent/Douglas Treaty rights?

Who would be the communal voice? I think the head of my family, my dad, my grandparents, because that was how our people did before.

Do you think that the Douglas Treaty should have economic rights in a modern context?

I think that the Douglas Treaty should have economic rights for direct descendants such as myself, my daughter. It will for me be compensation for what we lost and what people here in Canada today are benefiting off of.

Do you believe there should be a unified W̱SÁNEĆ body to represent your Douglas Treaty interests?

I feel that there could be a communal body to speak on my behalf, but with that, I think that the communal body needs to be people made up of hunters, fishers, men, women, elders and direct descendants of the Douglas Treaty.